Free Spelling Worksheets for Kids

Spelling is something we are asked to support our children with from a very young age. After reading practice, spellings is likely to be the first formal homework that comes home for your child.

It can feel like a bit of a shock when the first spelling words come home, but getting in the habit of practicing regularly will be a huge benefit for all of you.

Juggling these first pieces of homework around the family routine can be a challenge. Kids are often tired when they come home from school and there are a lot of other things to fit in at the end of the day.

Part of the trick is making some of the spelling activities you do at home fun. In this article you will find some free spelling worksheets and some simple spelling games for young children.

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Writing out the lists of words on spelling sheets is one way to practice but it’s helpful to support this activity with a variety of learning techniques. When you first look at the spelling with your child check they understand what each word means and can put them into a sentence.

You can also try picking out any of the words your child needs to practice in their reading book. Becoming familiar with how the word looks and sounds are all helpful building blocks for learning to spell.

Spelling sheets are still a great idea as they encourage children to practice a little bit everyday. This type of spelling practice is an activity children can often do at the start of the day before school. If your child is going to be having weekly spelling tests, this regular practice will help them to build their confidence when spelling new words and prepare for their weekly test.


It’s also a good idea to practice the spelling test with your child. This is a great way to see how they are progressing and focus on any words they might be struggling with. Using a spelling test template can help them focus on the task in hand and prepare them for the school spelling test they will have.


Spelling Games

As well encouraging your child to find words in their books or anywhere there are written words, you can also play some easy spelling games with these free printable worksheets.

Word Bingo is a simple game to encourage familiarity with words your child is learning to spell. Just print out the free spelling game and write 6 words from your spelling list on the sheet. Hopefully you will have 10 or more words on your weekly spelling list.

Read out the spelling words from your list and ask your child to find any they can match on the word bingo sheet. Once they have matched all their words they have won the game.


This Bug Word Game is another great way to practice spelling words. You can print out our fun spelling worksheet and write the words inside each bug. Read each word out from the spelling list at random and ask your child to splat the bug when they have found it.

You can ask them to spell the word aloud and add it to a sentence to increase their familiarity with the word. You can play this game in just a few minutes and it adds variety and fun to your child’s spelling practice.


We hope these free spelling sheets and word activities get you started with supporting your child with their learning in a fun way. If you enjoyed using our free templates please share them with your friends and followers.

We love to read your comments so please share your thoughts with us in the space below.

Not ready to use the spelling activities now, pin them to your favourite board for later:

Free Spelling Worksheets for Kids - Printable games and activities to download

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